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Erfolgreiches Outsourcing einer Marktforschung eines Consulting-Unternehmen aus Frankfurt * an ein Callcenter in Mannheim



The inquirer is looking for a long term partner carrying out the field phase (telephone interviews, CATI) for market research studies in the construction and installation sector. The target groups of the interviews differs from research to research, but mostly the interviews wollte be carried out among architects, plumbers and/or constructors.

The interviews wollte be programmed by the inquirer in a special software. This software wollte also be used to carry out the interviews. The agents have to log in on our software via internet. The inquirer wollte evaluate the progress of the research via this software.

The projects can differ in length and target group. For calculating the price per interview the following aspects should be used:

- Estimated number of projects per year: 10-15

- Number of interviews needed per project/per target group: 180-360

- Average length of the interviews 15 minutes

- Ratio (interviews per hour): 1,5 (this could differ from research to research)

- An extensive briefing is delivered (per mail and/or personally)

Our ideal partner should be able to guarantee the following aspects:

- English speaking contact person

- Native call center agents (German)

- quality evaluating system

The offer should include

- A total price per interview (including ALL costs, please also add possible project installing costs)

- Additional costs/price reduction if interviews takes longer/shorter

- Information on how the quality of the interviews is guaranteed

- Number of CATI-places

- Number of agents (differentiated by fulltime/part-time)

- Experiences in the construction- and installation sector

- Experiences with doing market research

The inquirer only accepts offers from call centers within a distance of 200 km from Düsseldorf.

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